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Reliable OC Handyman Toilet Repair

Reliable OC Handyman Toilet Repair, All In 1 Handyman was contacted from a Fountain Valley resident about there Huntington Beach rental and needing some repairs. After making the repairs like patching holes, adjusting doors and hanging hooks. The client was so happy with Reliable OC Handyman’s service, that the client ask if he has ever work and or installed Toto toilets? The reason was that there 750.00 Toto toilet has never worked and it makes a lot of noise while filling. So All In 1 Handyman agreed to go to the Fountain Valley resident to see the problem. After assessing the reason for the noise and flushing issue. Reliable OC Handyman determined that a new flush valve and flapper were needed. So parts were purchased at Ferguson, in Costa Mesa, CA. and installed all in the same day. Thanks to All In 1 Handyman and Reliable OC Handyman, the repairs to the rental are complete and the long time Toto Toilet problem has been resolved.