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About Steve Bowman was born and raised in Orange County. In 1996, Steve started All In 1 Handyman, as independent contracting business. He has now been providing reliable handyman services for more than 27 years. Originally servicing Irvine, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, and Fullerton, Steve moved to Southern Oregon in 2001 where he spent 10 years building his home improvement handyman business. Upon moving to Oregon, Steve studied and trained to become a licensed contractor, and became a General Contractor with the Oregon Construction Contractor Board.

In the fall of 2005, Steve spent several weeks volunteering on a church mission trip in New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast. Steve drove a supply truck to and from a local distribution site that gave out food and supplies, and helped to allocate items. He also assisted with cutting down fallen trees and tarping roofs on homes and businesses.
In the spring of 2006, Steve and his wife felt lead to moved to Hawaii. They lived on Oahu for seven months. On October 15, 2006, two back-to-back earthquakes hit between Maui and the Big Island. Steve volunteered in the relief effort by offering his handyman services to help rebuild and clean up the homes of the victims of this natural disaster.
Steve was deeply impacted by these two natural disasters and saw how it affected the families in the regions. Because of this, Steve values his clients as more than just clients – he sees them as family. He treats his clients as he would his own family members, rather than viewing them as customers to profit from.
In 2007, Steve and family moved back to Oregon where they lived until 2011. They then moved to the Newport Beach and Irvine area to be closer to family. Steve is still offering the same high-quality, reliable handyman and home remodeling services. Steve lives by the motto “work done with integrity, honesty and reliability.”“We are excited to be back home in Orange County, CA and we look forward to serving all your handyman needs.” Steve Bowman